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DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER 1,3 Liter with Timer & Heater

DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER 1,3 Liter with Timer & Heater
Harga Rp 2.850.000
Persediaan Ada
Kode PS-08A
Berat Barang 4.00 Kilogram
Merk Made in China (RRC)

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DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER 1,3 Liter with Timer & Heater

DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER Cap. 1,3Liter with Digital Timer & Heater
for glasses,razor, Jewellery free basket
Model : PS-08A

Ultrasonic Frequency : 40,000 Hz
Material : Stainless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity : 1.3L
Timer : 1-30minutes , Digital timer
Power Supply :
AC 100 ~ 120V, 50 / 60Hz
AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Ultrasonic Power : 60 W
Heating Power : 50 W, Digital heating
Unit Size : 180*170*140mm ( L x W x H )
Tank Size : 150*140*65mm ( L x W x H )
Package Size : 260*260*260mm ( L x W x H )
N.W. : 2.8 kg
G.W. : 3.0kg
Steam Duration: 25-30 minutes
Certification: CE,EMC,RoHS
Water Shortage Alarm: No
Power (W): 800W
Voltage (V): 220V
timer: 1-30Minitute digital
heated: 1-80digital
cleaning basket: staines steel

Well cleaning efficiency for industrial professional application:
Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner, dental ultrasonic cleaners, Skymen ultrasonic cleaner , LPs record ultrasonic cleaner ,optical lens ultrasonic cleaner ,fruit ultrasonic cleaner ,vegetables ultrasonic cleaner ,golf ultrasonic cleaner, PCB industrial ultrasonic cleaner, tattoo ultrasonic cleaners, digital ultrasonic cleaner, big tank ultrasonic cleaner machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, handgun ultrasonic cleaner, digital ultrasonic cleaning equipment, immesible ultrasonic transducers, branson ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasound system, ultrasonic baths, cleaner ultrasonic

Shining image for household and personal use after clean:
1.Printer inkjet-heads, seals, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles,
2.Silverware. bronze ware, antiques, Jewelry, rings, diamond, bracelets, watches
3.eyeglasses, sunglasses, optical lenses, tattoo instruments, and piercing.
4.Men's shaver head, razors, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, and dining dining appliance.
5.Baby nipples, baby feeder bottles, tableware, fruit, vegetables


1.Use just tab water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for more higher cleaning requirement timer and heating control, clear digital LCD display

3. temperature tunable from 20 to 80

4.Power supply can be either AC 100 ~ 120V or AC 220 ~ 240V

5.industrial control chip microcontroller.flexible circuit boards control, more secure & stable

6.Stainless steel basket is optional


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