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BEAKER GLASS, Low Form 600ml - DURAN

BEAKER GLASS, Low Form 600ml - DURAN
Harga Rp 49.600 Rp 47.120
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Kode 21 106 4806
Berat Barang 500.00 Gram
Merk DURAN (Jerman)

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BEAKER GLASS, Low Form 600ml - DURAN
BEAKER GLASS, Low Form 600ml - DURAN
BEAKER GLASS, Low Form 600ml - DURAN

BEAKER GLASS Low Form, with Spout 
with graduation and spout, DIN 12331, ISO 3819
Merk : DURAN
Buatan : Germany
Material : Borosilicate Glass 3.3 (Kaca)

Specification :

-Capacity/ Volume : 600 ml
-Diameter (d) garis tengah: 90 mm
-Height (h) tinggi : 125 mm
-Remark : graduation 100;200;300;400;500 , with retrance code.

With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking in fired-on, highly durable, white ceramic. Spout for clean pouring. Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these beakers ideal for heating applications.

-Product corresponds to the standard ISO 3819
-Product with batch identifier
-Autoclavable at 120°C

Varian ukuran volume/ capacity yang tersedia : 5ml ; 10ml ; 25ml ; 50ml ; 100ml ; 150ml ; 250ml ; 400ml ; 600ml ; 800ml ; 1.000ml ; 2.000ml ; 3.000ml ; 5.000ml dan 10.000ml

Note :
~Harga tercantum untuk satuan atau 1 buah
~Dijual satuan atau per buah
~Dalam 1 Pack berisi 10 buah
~Update Stock bisa langsung chat ke kami medicalshop86
~Pertanyaan yang sudah ada jawaban dalam deskripsi, tidak kami respon ya... Terimakasih.

Temperature resistance when heated and thermal shock resistance
The maximum temperature for short-term use for DURAN® is 500 °C. Above a temperature of 525 °C the glass begins to soften and above a temperature of 860 °C it changes to the liquid state. As it has a very low coefficient of linear expansion (α = 3.3 x 10–6 K–1), a feature of DURAN® is its high thermal shock resistance up to ΔT = 100 K. For a temperature change of 1K, the glass changes by only 3.3 x 10–6 relative length units, resulting in low levels of mechanical strain were a thermal gradient exists. The thermal shock resistance is influenced wall thickness and product geometry.

Temperature resistance at low temperatures
DURAN® can be cooled down to the maximum possible negative temperature and is therefore suitable for use with liquid nitrogen (approx. – 196 °C). During use / freezing special attention should be given to the expansion of the content. In general DURAN® products are recommended for use down to – 70 °C. When working at low temperatures, the effect of any expansion of a DURAN® vessel’s content must be borne in mind. During cooling and thawing ensure that the temperature difference does not exceed 100 K. In practice, therefore, stepwise cooling and heating are recommended. When freezing substances in such items as DURAN® bottles or DURAN® test tubes, the container should only be filled to a maximum of 3/4 of its capacity. Moreover, it should be frozen slanted at an angle of 45 ° (to enlarge the surface area). The minimum service temperature is dependant upon the properties of any screw caps or other components used. For the blue PP screw cap the minimum temperature is – 40 °C.

Use in the microwave
DURAN® laboratory glassware is suitable for use in microwaves. This also applies to plastic coated DURAN® products.

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